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Title Century Subject theme Subject name
BN Grec 1753 15th History Arrian
BN Grec 1754 15th History Arrian
BN Grec 1763 17th History
BN Grec 1764 11th History George Syncellus
BN Grec 1765 17th History John Malalas, Theophanes Confessor, George Syncellus, George Kodinos, Maximus Planudes
BN Grec 1766 17th Geography, History, Science Dionysius Periegetes, Ducas, Galen, Aristotle
BN Grec 1767 15th History Cedrenus
BN Grec 1768 14th History John Zonaras
BN Grec 1769 17th History Michael Glykas
BN Grec 1770 16th History Constantine Manasses
BN Grec 1771 15th History, Saints lives, Barlaam and Joasaph, Romance Constantine Manasses
BN Grec 1772 16th History, Dreams Constantine Manasses, Cicero, Macrobius, Plutarch
BN Grec 1774 16th History, Military Aelian, Onasander, Polyaenus, Xenophon, Bessarion, Euripides
BN Grec 1775 14th History, Theology Theophylact of Ochrid
BN Grec 1778 13th History Nicetas Choniates
BN Grec 1779 16th History Laonicus Chalcocondyles
BN Grec 1780 16th History Laonicus Chalcocondyles
BN Grec 1781 16th History Laonicus Chalcocondyles
BN Grec 1782 14th History, Constantinople, Theology, Letters, Poems, Hymns George Kodinos, Leo VI the Wise, Gregory Nazianzus, Maximus the Confessor, Athanasius, Epiphanius, Gregory of Cyprus, Michael Psellus
BN Grec 1783 15th History, Constantinople George Kodinos
BN Grec 1784 16th History, Constantinople George Kodinos
BN Grec 1785 16th History, Constantinople George Kodinos
BN Grec 1788 15th History, Constantinople, Theology, Law, Canon law, Military George Kodinos, Aesop, Origen, Theodore Balsamon, Athanasius
BN Grec 1790 16th History, Constantinople Manuel Malaxos
BN Grec 1791 16th History Thucydides
BN Grec 1792 16th History Thucydides
BN Grec 1793 16th History Xenophon
BN Grec 1795 16th History Xenophon
BN Grec 1796 16th History Polybius
BN Grec 1803 14th History Constantine Manasses
BN Grec 1815 16th Philosophy, Rhetoric, History Plato, Lucian, Aristides, Libanius, Flavius Josephus, Aristotle, Plutarch
BN Grec 2043 15th Rhetoric, History Demosthenes, Libanius, Polybius, Plutarch
BN Grec 2077 15th History, Philosophy, Rhetoric Plutarch, Xenophon, Flavius Josephus, Alexander Aphrodisias, Nemesius, Plethon, Euripides, Homer, Isocrates, Nicephorus Gregoras, Aesop
BN Grec 2080 16th Education, History, Science, Animals, Politics Plutarch, Diodorus Siculus, Xenophon, Plethon, Theophrastus, Aristotle
BN Grec 2087 14th Philosophy, History, Rhetoric Ammonius, Constantine Manasses, Theodore Prodromos, Hermogenes, Aristotle
BN Grec 2533 16th Music, History Xenophon
BN Grec 2550 17th History, Philosophy Constantine VII Porphyrogenitus, Diodorus Siculus, John Malalas, John of Damascus, John Pediasimus
BN Grec 2610 16th History, Lexicon, Grammar Manuel Chrysoloras, Cyril of Alexandria, Flavius Josephus
BN Grec 2775 15th History, Rhetoric Hesiod, Xenophon, Philostratus
BN Grec 2798 16th History Sophocles, Thucydides
BN Grec 2875 13th Poems, Theology, History, Christus patiens Gregory Nazianzus, Constantine Manasses, Antiochus Monachus, Symeon Metaphrastes, John of Damascus, George Hamartolos
BN Grec 2898 15th, 16th History
BN Grec 2954 14th Rhetoric, History Lucian
BN Grec 2955 15th Rhetoric, History, Philosophy, Art Lucian, Xenophon, Plutarch, Aristotle, Philostratus
BN Grec 2957 15th Rhetoric, History Lucian
BN Grec 2967 16th Politics, Rhetoric, History Constantine VII Porphyrogenitus, Photius, Themistius, Polybius
BN Grec 2991A 15th Letters, Rhetoric, History, Poems Nicephorus Gregoras, Isocrates, Michael Attaleiates, Basil the Great, Libanius, Flavius Josephus, Theophylact Simocatta, Manuel Philes, Plutarch
BN Grec 3040 17th Letters, History, Astronomy Nicephorus Gregoras
BN Grec 3041 15th, 16th Letters, Poems, History, Contra Iudaeos Manuel II Palaeologus, Demetrius Cydones, Athanasius, Nicetas Choniates, George Akropolites, Christopher of Mytilene
BN Grec 37 16th Theology, History, Constantinople Maximus the Confessor