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Title Century Subject theme Subject name
BAV Ott. gr. 15 13th, 14th Law
BAV Ott. gr. 224 16th Law
BAV Ott. gr. 243 16th Law
BAV Ott. gr. 64 15th Law
BAV Pal. gr. 13 12th Law
BAV Pal. gr. 19 15th Law
BAV Pal. gr. 249 10th, 11th Law
BAV Pal. gr. 408 16th Law Theodore Balsamon
BAV Pal. gr. 55 16th Law
BAV Pal. gr. 8 10th, 16th Law
BAV Reg. gr. Pio II 15 9th, 13th Lexicon, Palimpsest, Bible, Old Testament, Law
BAV Vat. gr. 845 12th Law, Lexicon
BAV Vat. gr. 849 15th Law Constantine Harmenopoulos
BAV Vat. gr. 853 pt.1 12th Law
BAV Vat. gr. 853 pt.2 12th Law
BAV Vat. gr. 854 pt. 1 11th Law
BAV Vat. gr. 854 pt. 2 11th Law
BAV Vat. gr. 856 pt. 1 14th Law
BAV Vat. gr. 856 pt. 2 14th Law
BAV Vat. gr. 903 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th Liturgy, Law Homer
Biblioteca Angelica gr. 4 16th Law, Medicine Maximus Planudes, Hippocrates
Biblioteca Vallicelliana E 55 13th, 14th, 15th Law, Theology, Poems, Misc. Isaac the Syrian, Manuel Philes
Biblioteca Vallicelliana F 13 13th Law, Canon law Theodore the Studite, Nicephorus Patriarch of Constantinople
Biblioteca Vallicelliana F 47 11th, 16th Hymns, Liturgy, Law, Canon law, Military Rufus of Ephesus
Biblioteka Narodowa Boz. Cim. 157 14th Law, Theology Ephraem
BML Plut. 10.10 11th Church councils, Canon law, Law, Letters
BML Plut. 10.16 13th Law
BML Plut. 4.10 11th Law, Lexicon, Geography Eustathios Rhomaios
BML Plut. 5.22 12th Law, Theology, Letters
BML Plut. 56.13 15th Theology, Law
BML Plut. 80.01 14th Law
BML Plut. 80.02 11th Law
BML Plut. 80.04 14th Law
BML Plut. 80.06 15th Law
BML Plut. 80.08 13th Law
BML Plut. 80.10 14th Law
BML Plut. 80.11 12th Law
BML Plut. 80.12 14th Law
BML Plut. 80.16 15th Law
BML Plut. 80.18 14th Law
BML Plut. 80.20 14th Law
BML Plut. 81.19 15th Law Constantine Harmenopoulos
BML Plut. 89.sup.85 11th Law
BML Plut. 91.inf.15 15th Law
BML Plut. 91.inf.17 15th Law
BN Grec 1258 16th Theology, Florilegium, Letters, Law Gregory of Cyprus, John of Damascus, Synesius, Basil the Great, Athanasius, Maximus the Confessor, Photius, Theodorus Abucara
BN Grec 1301 13th Theology, Florilegium, Law, Letters Maximus the Confessor, Anastasius Sinaita, Gregory of Cyprus, Gregory Nazianzus, Synesius, Basil the Great, Theodorus Abucara, Athanasius, Photius
BN Grec 1326 11th Church councils, Law
BN Grec 1334 10th Church councils, Canon law, Law Photius, Basil the Great
BN Grec 1344 16th Law, Canon law