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Title Century Subject theme Subject name
British Library Burney MS 46/2 11th, 12th Theology, Letters Athanasius
British Library Burney MS 58 17th Letters
British Library Burney MS 75 15th Letters
British Library Burney MS 88 15th Letters Libanius
British Library Egerton MS 2474 16th, 17th Poems, Letters Synesius, Gregory Nazianzus
British Library Harley MS 5545 16th, 17th Letters
British Library Harley MS 5566 14th Letters Synesius
British Library Harley MS 5610 14th Letters
British Library Harley MS 5624 14th, 15th Letters, Theology, Astronomy
British Library Harley MS 5635 15th Letters, Philosophy
British Library Harley MS 5654 17th Letters
British Library Harley MS 5735 14th Letters
British Library Harley MS 6297 16th Letters Michael Glykas
British Library Harley MS 6301 16th Letters, Rhetoric Agapetus, Isocrates
British Library Harley MS 6302 17th Letters
British Library Harley MS 825 17th Letters Ephraim Pagitt
British Library Lansdowne MS 355 17th, 18th Letters
British Library Royal MS 16 D II 15th Letters Phalaris
BS Cod. graec. 10 16th Theology, Letters Nicephorus Gregoras, Maximus the Confessor, Gennadios II Scholarios
BS Cod. graec. 183 18th Letters
BS Cod. graec. 321 16th Theology, Letters Manuel Adramytenus
BS Cod. graec. 381 13th Theology, Letters Theophylact of Ochrid, Isidore of Pelusium
BS Cod. graec. 490 15th Misc., Letters Phalaris, Synesius, Agapetus, Lucian, Libanius, Plutarch, Plethon, Plato, Demosthenes, Aristotle, Michael Psellus
BS Cod. graec. 529 14th Rhetoric, Grammar, History, Letters Aristides, George Lacapenus, Nicephorus Gregoras, Libanius
BS Cod. graec. 584 16th Letters, Rhetoric Libanius
BS Cod. graec. 85 14th Rhetoric, Letters, Dreams, Philosophy Demosthenes, Plutarch, Synesius, Nicephorus Gregoras, John Philoponus
Burgerbibliothek Cod. 459 16th Medicine, Letters, Canon law Rufus of Ephesus, Libanius, George Codinus
Diocesan Library Kl f 16 18th Letters Libanius
Diocesan Library Kl f 16a 17th Letters Libanius
Diocesan Library Kl f 17 15th, 16th Letters Libanius
Diocesan Library Kl f 3 17th, 18th Letters
EBE 1896 16th, 17th Rhetoric, Letters, Misc.
HAB Gud. gr. 104 13th Letters Synesius, Libanius
HAB Gud. gr. 73 15th Letters Michael Glykas
IPA MIET ms. 78 18th Education, Letters Synesius
IPA MIET ms. 88 18th Letters Synesius
IPA MIET Pezarou ms. 29 19th Letters
IPA MIET Pezarou ms. 34 18th Rhetoric, Letters Aphthonius, Theophilos Korydalleus
Lavra Gamma 44 10th Letters, Saints lives, Theology Isidore of Pelusium, John Chrysostom
Lavra Omega 126 14th Letters
Marciana gr. II 89 14th, 15th Letters, Theology Michael Glykas
Marciana gr. XI 1 11th, 12th, 14th Menaion, Letters, Grammar, Animals, Epigrammata George Lacapenus
Marciana gr. Z. 533 15th Letters, Rhetoric Bessarion
Mone Rousanou 2 14th Theology, Letters John VI Cantacuzenus
National Archives E 8996 14th, 16th Letters Libanius
ÖNB Phil. gr. 149 14th Poems, History, Letters, Theology, Science Constantine Manasses, Theodore Prodromos, Gregory Nazianzus, Symeon Seth, Gregory of Cyprus, Isidore of Pelusium, George of Pisidia, Christopher of Mytilene
ÖNB Phil. gr. 310 12th, 13th Letters Aristaenetus
ÖNB Phil. gr. 342 11th Letters Libanius
ÖNB Phil. gr. 85 16th Letters, Rhetoric Michael Apostolius
ÖNB Suppl. gr. 131 18th Letters