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Title Century Subject theme Subject name
Biblioteca Vallicelliana E 54 14th Hymns, Liturgy
Biblioteca Vallicelliana F 17 14th Bible, Liturgy
Biblioteca Vallicelliana F 47 11th, 16th Hymns, Liturgy, Law, Canon law, Military Rufus of Ephesus
Biblioteca Vallicelliana G 70 12th Liturgy
Biblioteca Vallicelliana R 32 12th, 13th Hymns, Liturgy
Bibliothèque municipale 2167 16th Liturgy
Bibliothèque nationale universitaire 1899 16th Liturgy
Bibliothèque nationale universitaire 1912 14th Liturgy Basil the Great
BML Plut. 10.15 14th Theology, Liturgy John Chrysostom
BML Plut. 10.2 14th Theology, Liturgy
BML Plut. 10.21 15th Liturgy, Philosophy, Lexicon Aristotle, Julius Pollux
BML Plut. 10.27 13th Liturgy
BML Plut. 10.28 14th Liturgy
BML Plut. 11.12 15th Liturgy, Hymns, Theology Ephraem
BN Coislin 199 11th Liturgy, Bible
BN Coislin 218 11th, 12th, 13th Liturgy
BN Coislin 31 11th Liturgy, Gospel lectionary
BN Coislin 361 13th, 14th Typikon, Liturgy
BN Coislin 365 16th Liturgy
BN Coislin 367 14th Liturgy
BN Coislin 40 14th Liturgy, Hymns
BN Coislin 7 12th, 13th Bible, Old Testament, Liturgy
BN Grec 1152 13th Liturgy
BN Grec 242 11th, 12th Hymns, Music, Liturgy Leo VI the Wise, Symeon the New Theologian
BN Grec 243 12th Liturgy
BN Grec 251 11th Liturgy
BN Grec 2511 14th Misc., Dreams, Florilegium, Bible, Old Testament, Liturgy, Philosophy Libanius, Nicephorus Patriarch of Constantinople, Manuel Philes, Aristotle
BN Grec 252 15th Liturgy
BN Grec 2572 11th, 13th Liturgy, Schedography Manuel Moschopoulos
BN Grec 266 15th Liturgy
BN Grec 322 16th Liturgy, Theology Athanasius
BN Grec 323 15th Liturgy
BN Grec 324 14th, 15th Liturgy, Gospel lectionary
BN Grec 325 14th Liturgy
BN Grec 326 15th, 16th Liturgy, Gospel lectionary
BN Grec 327 15th Liturgy
BN Grec 328 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th Liturgy
BN Grec 330 12th Liturgy, Euchologion
BN Grec 347 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th Liturgy
BN Grec 352 13th Liturgy
BN Grec 369 16th Liturgy
BN Grec 391 12th Liturgy
BN Grec 392 12th Liturgy, Euchologion
BN Grec 393 16th Liturgy
BN Grec 408 15th Liturgy
BN Grec 409 12th Liturgy
BN Grec 410 14th Liturgy
BN Grec 411 15th Liturgy
BN Grec 412 13th, 14th Liturgy
BN Grec 834 16th Animals, Liturgy Epiphanius