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Title Century Subject theme Subject name
BR VGQ 3 13th Philosophy, Science Aristotle
British Library Add MS 5113 15th Science Theophrastus
BS Cod. graec. 200 16th Science, Rhetoric, Harmonics Aristotle, Ptolemy
BS Cod. graec. 265 16th Science Nicephorus Blemmydes
BS Cod. graec. 73 16th Science, Philosophy Theodore Metochites, Aristotle
Christ Church College Wake gr. 46 16th Philosophy, Science Nicephorus Blemmydes, John Italus, Michael Psellus, Symeon Seth, Porphyry
EBE 2342 18th Science
IPA MIET ms. 46 19th Education, Science
IPA MIET ms. 57 18th Science
Marciana gr. VIII 18 15th Science, Rhetoric Joseph Rhacendytes, Maximus Planudes, Aphthonius, Hermogenes
ÖNB Phil. gr. 110 16th Philosophy, Science, Dreams Aristotle
ÖNB Phil. gr. 134 15th Philosophy, Science, Dreams Aristotle
ÖNB Phil. gr. 149 14th Poems, History, Letters, Theology, Science Constantine Manasses, Theodore Prodromos, Gregory Nazianzus, Symeon Seth, Gregory of Cyprus, Isidore of Pelusium, George of Pisidia, Christopher of Mytilene
ÖNB Phil. gr. 157 15th Philosophy, Science Aristotle
ÖNB Phil. gr. 217 16th Philosophy, Science Aristotle, Justin Martyr
ÖNB Phil. gr. 75 15th Philosophy, Science Aristotle
Patriarchal Library Panagios Taphos 165 18th Science
Patriarchal Library Panagios Taphos 367 18th Science
St. Catherine's Monastery gr. 1754 16th, 17th Science
Staatsbibliothek Hamilton 292 15th, 16th Science
U of Cambridge UL Add. 1732 14th Philosophy, Science, Animals Aristotle
Universitätsbibliothek MS.A 4 15th Philosophy, Science Aristotle, Proclus, Hermes, Plato, Hesiod