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The history of the church from Christ to Constantine

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The history of the church from Christ to Constantine
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Ecclesiastical history
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New York
Dorset Press
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map ; 21 cm. 1. The nature and work of Christ: His contemporaries: His choice of followers: correspondence with Abgar -- 2. Tiberius to Nero: the work of the Apostles from the choice of Matthias to the deaths of Paul and Peter -- 3. Vespasian to Trajan: the distribution and writings of the Apostles and their successors: enemies within the Church: persecutions -- 4. Trajan to Marcus Aurelius: the succession of bishops: their writings and martyrdoms -- 5. Marcus Aurelius to Severus: the succession of bishops: their refutation of Marcion and Montanus: their settlement of the date of the Easter festival -- 6. Severus to Decius: the work of Origen and his contemporaries: widespread persecution -- 7. Gallus to Gallienus: the work of Cyprian and Dionysius: the heresies of Sabellius, Novatus, Nepos, Paul, and the Manichees -- 8. Diocletian to Maximian: persecutions: the imperial recantation -- 9. Maximin's renewed attacks on the Church: the end of persecution -- 10. Peace and recovery of the Church: victory of Constantine. Includes bibliographical references and index. History of the church Eusebius ; translated with an introduction by G.A. Williamson.

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