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A manual of later Roman law

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A manual of later Roman law, the Ecloga ad Procheiron mutata founded upon the Ecloga of Leo III and Constantine V of Isauria, and on the Procheiros nomos of Basil I, of Macedonia, including the Rhodian maritime law edited in 1166 A.D., rendered into English by Edwin Hanson Freshfield, M.A
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Ecloga ad Procheiron mutata
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Printed at the University Press
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xii, 231, [1]

The frontispiece represents the emperors Leo III and Constantine V, from a manuscript in the Bibliothèque nationale, Paris, Gr. 1391. "The Ecloga ad Procheiron mutata, though compiled long after the Isaurian legislation of Leo III ... is mainly founded upon the original Ecloga issued by Leo III in the beginning of the eighth century."--Pref. "This translation of a manual of later Roman law, composed in Greek and applied to the Greek-speaking subjects of the Norman kings of Sicily in the 12th century, is mainly based upon a manuscript in the Bibliothèque nationale ... Gr. 1384."--p. 1. "I have used his text published in 1865 [Zachariae v. Lingenthal, Jus. graeco-romanum, pars IV] but rearranged the subjects ... relying mainly upon Paris Gr. 1384."--p. 214. "The Lombard privileges in the imperial province of Apulia, the 'Aman' of the Saracens in Sicily and the 'Assisæ regum regni Siciliæ' of King Roger II": p. [210]-212. "Notes on a manuscript manual of law begun in the reign of King Edward I and continued up to that of Queen Elizabeth": p. 215. "Notes on the community farming at Laxton in Nottinghamshire from 'The Times' 5th January 1926": p. 216-217. "Books consulted": p. [221]-223.

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