Using Microforms Equipment

Machines are available to read each type of microform. During Microforms Service hours, a staff member is available to demonstrate their use.

ScanPro 1000/2000

ScanPro 1000

The ScanPro 1000/2000 reader/printer/scanner is available for reading, printing and scanning microfilm, microfiche, microcards and micro-opaques. It can scan filmed images to PDF files, TIFF files, and JPEG files. It can also enhance filmed images that are too dark or too light, so that printed or scanned images are more legible. Scanned files can be emailed, saved to a flashdrive or saved to the Princeton central file server ("H" drive) for users with a valid Princeton netid. For information about connecting to this server, please consult:

Printing and scanning of all materials is self service.


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