Faculty Committee on the Library and Computing

Member List


Name Title Phone Email
Prentice, Deborah A. Provost. Alexander Stewart 1886 Professor of Psychology and Public Affairs
8-3026 predebb@princeton.edu

Members of the Committee

Name Title Phone Email
 Arnold, Craig B.  Susan Dod Brown Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 8-0250 cbarnold@princeton.edu
Chudnovsky, Maria Professor of Mathematics 8-2833 mchudnov@math.princeton.edu
Conlan, Thomas D. Professor of East Asian Studies and History 8-4773 tconlan@princeton.edu 
Datta, Sujit S.  Assistant Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering 8-4586 ssdatta@princeton.edu
Glisic, Branko
Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Director of Undergraduate Studies
8-8278 bglisic@princeton.edu
Kern, Martin  Joanna and Greg Zeluck ’84 P13 P18 Professorship in Asian Studies  8-5554  mkern@princeton.edu
Martin, Meredith A.  Associate Professor | Director of the Center for Digital Humanities  8-1863  mm4@princeton.edu
Martinelli, Luigi  Professor of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering  8-6652  gigi@phantom2.princeton.edu
Mummolo, Jonathan F.  Assistant Professor of Politics and Public Affairs  8-6278  jmummolo@princeton.edu
Niv, Yael  Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience  8-1291  yael@princeton.edu
Rampling, Jennifer M.   Associate Professor of History  8-6432  rampling@princeton.edu
Tromp, Jeroen  Blair Professor of Geology. Professor of Geosciences and Applied and Computational Mathematics   8-4128 jtromp@Princeton.EDU 
Tully, Christopher  Professor of Physics  8-1534  cgtully@Princeton.EDU
Yerkes, Carolyn Assistant Professor of Art and Archaeology   8-8378 yerkes@princeton.edu

Ex Officio

Name Title Phone Email
LaMarche, Paul Vice Provost for Space Programming and Planning (Secretary) 8-4999 lamarche@princeton.edu
Crittenden, Cole M.
Acting Dean of the Graduate School
8-3168 ccritt@princeton.edu
Dolan, Jill S. Dean of the College 8-5697 jsdolan@princeton.edu
Dominick, Jay Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer 8-5601 jdominick@princeton.edu
Jarvis, Anne E. Robert H. Taylor 1930 University Librarian 8-3170 ajarvis@princeton.edu
Kulkarni, Sanjeev Dean of the Faculty. William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of Electrical Engineering 8-3020 kulkarni@princeton.edu