Promotion, Continuing Appointment, and Review Committee


The Promotion, Continuing Appointment, and Review Committee (PCARC) is an elected committee of the professional librarian staff responsible for overseeing and carrying out processes and procedures relating to the continuing appointment and promotion of members of the ranks of professional librarians. The committee also reviews requests for leaves associated with research, study, and other professional activities. The group also periodically reviews the forms used for personnel review and the guidelines and procedures of the performance review process.

The University Librarian and the Associate Dean of Faculty are permanent non-voting members of PCARC. The University Librarian chairs the committee.

Member List

  • Yuan Li
  • Jeremy Darrington
  • Willow F. Dressel
  • Gabriella Karl-Johnson
  • Steven A. Knowlton

Library Procedures and Guidelines, Dean of Faculty

Rules and Procedures, Dean of the Faculty