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Interface to various financial and economic databases including Compustat, CRSP, IBES, Optionmetrics, and TAQ.

CRSP (Center for Research in Securities Prices). 1925+

Data on stocks trading on the NYSE, AMEX, and NASDAQ as well as U.S. government bonds. Also includes index-level data. Mutual funds data back to 1962.

Compustat 1950+

Detailed fundamental data for companies trading on all major United States exchanges. Most files contain annual data, but there are also quarterly files. Special files are available that contain Canadian data and bank-specific data.

Refinitiv Workspace

Web version of SDC databases (Mergers and Acquisitions, Global New Issues); VenturXpert; and most recent years of Ownership Data.  Includes Datastream. Existing users login. Installed on workstations on Firestone A Floor and Stokes Library.

Bloomberg (Princeton only)

Real-time and historical pricing, fundamental data, and business news.

Global Financial Data Economic data: 1624+ ; Stock Market data: 1693+; Real Estate Data 1830+

Historical data on bonds, commodities, interest rates, stock markets and indices, futures, exchange rates, GDP, prices, and unemployment. 

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