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Core Resources

BIOSIS Previews: Biological Abstracts 1926+

With more than 13,000,000 records from publications in over 90 countries, Biosis Previews is the most comprehensive index of journals, meetings, conferences, and symposia in the life sciences. Although this is not a full-text article database, our PULinks system conveniently links you to the full-text

Web of Science (ISI) Sciences (1900+), Social Sciences (1898+), Arts and Humanities (1975+), Conference Proceedings (1990+)

Multidisciplinary index to journal literature in the sciences, social sciences, and arts and humanities. Offers the option to find cited references, which are the authors lists of articles used in their research.  Journal coverage in the social sciences, arts, and humanities is not comprehensive.  Includes conference proceedings in the sciences and social sciences.

Scopus 1996+

International coverage of journal articles, selected web sites, and patents in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities; provides citation tracking for 1996+ (select coverage for earlier periods) and cited reference searches back to 1970.


Database of biomedical journal literature providing access to information on population and reproductive biology, medicine, nursing, dentistry, veterinary medicine, the health care system, the preclinical sciences, and allied health. Worldwide coverage with an emphasis on English-language peer reviewed journals. Includes in-process records not yet added to Medline (EbscoHost), some out-of-scope citations, and some that precede the date a journal was selected for Medline indexing.

Service of the National Library of Medicine, includes citations for biomedical articles.

MEDLINE (EBSCOhost) 1928+

National Library of Medicine's database of biomedical journal literature providing access to information on the following: population and reproductive biology, medicine, nursing, dentistry, veterinary medicine, the health care system, the preclinical sciences, and allied health. Coverage is worldwide with an emphasis on English-language peer reviewed journals.

SciTechNetBase (CRCnetBase)

Online books published by CRC Press. Princeton subscribes to select modules (Biomedical Science, Chemistry, Clean Tech, Economics, Environmental Science, Geosciences, Material Science, Math, Neuroscience, Physics, Psychology).

Supplementary Resources

APA PsycInfo®

Produced by the American Psychological Association, it is the most comprehensive database of psychology. Provides abstracts and citations to the scholarly literature in the behavioral sciences and mental health.

BioCyc Database Collection

A collection of 13075 Pathway/Genome Databases (PGDBs), plus software tools for understanding their data. These tools for are used for navigating, visualizing, and analyzing the underlying databases, and for analyzing omics data. The BioCyc website provides a suite of software tools for database searching and visualization, for omics data analysis, and for comparative genomics and comparative pathway questions


BioRender is a web application that can be used to create scientific figures, diagrams, and illustrations from a scientifically accurate image library. Account (free) required.

Cabell’s Directory of Publishing Opportunities: Psychology & Psychiatry Whitelist, Math & Science Whitelist, and Complete Blacklist

A source for psychology, psychiatry, math, and science journal information, evaluation metrics, and submission details. Also includes the Complete Blacklist (blacklisted journals from all 18 disciplines). 

Cancer Handbook

Encyclopedic overview of scientific and clinical information in all major areas of cancer biology and medicine with over 100 entries.

Cochrane Library

Collection of evidence-based medicine databases covering the effects of interventions in health care. Published quarterly. Includes Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews; Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effects; Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials; Cochrane Database of Methodology Reviews; Cochrane Methodology Register; Health Technology Assessment Database; and NHS Economic Evaluation Database.

CSH Protocols Online

Database of new and classic research techniques. Fully searchable by keyword and subject. Coverage includes cell and molecular biology, genetics, bioinformatics, protein science, and imaging. Protocols are regularly expanded, updated, and annotated by the originators and users of the techniques.

Current Protocols in Molecular Biology

Online laboratory protocol manual with instructions for experiments in molecular biology. Includes basic methods for DNA preparation and isolation, library screening, and sequencing, and more advanced procedures detailing DNA-protein interactions, yeast manipulation, and phosphorylation analyses.


FlyBase is a bioinformatics database and serves as an online repository for drosophila genetics and molecular biology.  The project is a consortium between Harvard University, University of Cambridge (UK), Indiana University, and the University of New Mexico.

Global Health

International public health database providing abstracts to literature about healthcare, biomedical life sciences, sexual and reproductive health, communicable and non-communicable diseases, environmental health, public health nutrition, food safety and hygiene . Covers English and foreign language journals, books, reports, patents, dissertations and conference proceedings.

GQuery: NCBI Global Cross-database Search

Integrated, text-based search and retrieval system used at NCBI for the major databases, including PubMed, Nucleotide and Protein Sequences, Protein Structures, Complete Genomes, Taxonomy, and others.

History of Science, Technology, and Medicine

Indexes journal articles, conference proceedings, books, book reviews, and dissertations on the history of science and technology and allied fields. Coverage includes all languages in which these materials are published.

Journal Citation Reports

Science & Social Science Editions.

LILACS. Latin American and Caribbean Health Sciences Literature

Literature related to the health sciences published in Latin America.

Merck Index

Handbook contains 11,000 short entries describing significant chemicals, drugs, and biological substances.

ProQuest Illustrata: Natural Sciences

Interdisciplinary database covering a wide variety of journals from subject area such as biology, medical sciences, earth sciences, environmental studies, pharmacy, public health and education. The database includes searchable tables, figures, graphs, charts and other illustrations from the scholarly research and technical literature.

Reference Module in Chemistry, Molecular Sciences and Chemical Engineering

The articles contained in this database cover a wide range of fields, including physical chemistry, theoretical and computational chemistry, supramolecular chemistry and heterocycles, chemical biology, food chemistry, medicinal and pharmaceutical chemistry, biotechnology, polymers, separation science and engineering, electrochemical technology, spectrometry, spectroscopy and microscopy.

SciFinder-n (Chemical Abstracts)

Comprehensive coverage of all aspects of chemistry. Combines several Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) databases.


Molecular biology software that allows researchers and labs to document DNA constructs in an a shareable, electronic format.  It also allows for the creation of seamless gene fusions, offers a unique restriction cloning interface, and automatically records the steps in a cloning process.  The SnapGene format matches GenBank standards but adds options such as color, directionality, and segments.

Springer Protocols (formerly BioMedProtocols)

Provides access to reproducible, step-by-step protocols for use in the laboratory. It features over 16,000 peer-reviewed protocols from Humana's book series Methods in Molecular Biology, Methods in Molecular Medicine, Methods in Biotechnology, Methods in Pharmacology and Toxicology, and Neuromethods, as well as from a vast number of Laboratory Handbooks, such as The Biomethods Handbook, The Proteomics Handbook, and the Springer Laboratory Manuals.


Comprehensive evidence-based medical information written and peer-reviewed by and for practicing clinicians. All summaries are continually updated, organized by topic, and contain full bibliographies with links to Medline abstracts.

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