Population Research

Core Resources

Popline 1970+

Index to worldwide information about migration, contraceptive methods, demography, family planning, maternal and child health, human fertility, population law and policy, sexually transmitted diseases, vital statistics, etc. Covers journal articles, books, government publications, and technical reports.


Annotated bibliography of global demographic and population literature. Covers books, journal articles, working papers, doctoral dissertations and machine-readable data files. 1935-1999 available in JSTOR.

Census of Population and Housing 1790+

Digital version of the United States Census of Population and Housing.

World Population Prospects 1950-2100.

Demographic indicators including measures of fertility, life expectancy, migration, and measures of the impact of HIV/AIDS.

Statistical Abstract of the United States 1878+

Summary statistics on the social, political and economic organization of the United States. Compiled from publications and records of various government and private agencies. Serves as a convenient reference volume and as a guide to other statistical sources. Emphasis is on national data but many tables include statistics on states, regions and foreign countries.

International Historical Statistics

Collection of statistical data from around the world, covering a wide range of socio-economic topics. Includes data collected between 1750-2010.  Data tables can be downloaded as ePDFs and/or Excel files.  Also know as the B.R. Mitchell books.

Historical Statistics of the United States Millennial Edition Colonial Period to 2000

Statistical series on subjects ranging from population and land area to production figures for crops and manufactured products. Detailed documentation provides brief histories of the statistical series and source materials.

Social Explorer 1790+

Allows user to visually analyze and understand the demography of the United States through the use of interactive maps and data reports from 1790 to the present. Also includes the 2011 censuses for Canada and the United Kingdom.

Sociological Abstracts 1952+

Indexing and abstracting of the world's literature in sociology and related disciplines, both theoretical and applied. Covers over 1,800 journals, conference papers, dissertations, and book reviews. Includes materials in 30 languages.

Encyclopedia of Population 2003

300+ signed articles on demographic and related topics

Sage Stats

Collection of more than 2,000 current and historical data series allowing comparison and ranking of US states on a variety of topics. View data as graphs, charts, or tables, all of which can be easily exported; export an entire series by saving an item to the Data Cart. Most series cover mid-1990s to present.

Supplementary Resources

American FactFinder

Provides access to U.S. decennial census data, the American Community Survey (ACS), population estimates and more.

Border and Migration Studies Online

Primary sources, maps, videos, and multimedia providing historical background on more than thirty key worldwide border areas, including: U.S. and Mexico; the European Union; Afghanistan; Israel; Turkey; The Congo; Argentina; China; and Thailand.

Cochrane Library

Collection of evidence-based medicine databases covering the effects of interventions in health care. Published quarterly. Includes Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews; Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effects; Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials; Cochrane Database of Methodology Reviews; Cochrane Methodology Register; Health Technology Assessment Database; and NHS Economic Evaluation Database.

Encyclopedia of American Immigration

Covers social, legal, political, economic, and demographic factors of American immigration from early settlements to the present. Includes major immigrant groups.

Global Health

International public health database providing abstracts to literature about healthcare, biomedical life sciences, sexual and reproductive health, communicable and non-communicable diseases, environmental health, public health nutrition, food safety and hygiene . Covers English and foreign language journals, books, reports, patents, dissertations and conference proceedings.

International Population Census Microfilm

Lists holdings by country and year, but not the specific tables available. Under Collection Title select International Population Census Publications. Enter country in the Full Text box.Post-1967 Guide includes detailed listing of the available tables for each census. Search by clicking on the binoculars and entering the country name or other search term.1945-1967 Guide includes detailed listing of the available tables for each census. Search by clicking on the binoculars and entering the country name or other search term.For pre-1945, use the International Population Census Bibliography, University of Texas at Austin: Bureau of Business Research 1965-1968. Call number: SPIA Reference Z7164 .D3 T45, v.1-6;suppl.


National Library of Medicine's database of biomedical journal literature providing access to information on the following: population and reproductive biology, medicine, nursing, dentistry, veterinary medicine, the health care system, the preclinical sciences, and allied health. Coverage is worldwide with an emphasis on English-language peer reviewed journals.


Provides international demographic, macro-economic and marketing statistics for 210 countries. Covers economic indicators, population trends, consumer and lifestyle information, country infrastructure, environment and more.


Online data and mapping application that gives access to indicators related to housing, crime, mortgages, health, jobs, demographics and education. Geography available differs by source.  Data come from both public and proprietary sources.  Not all data can be downloaded.

ProQuest Statistical Insight

Indexes statistical publications issued by (1) the U.S. government (ASI; 2004+ full text); (2) international & intergovernmental sources (IIS; 2007+ select full text); and state governments and private sources (SRI). Most sources are available in microfiche. 


Database of biomedical journal literature providing access to information on population and reproductive biology, medicine, nursing, dentistry, veterinary medicine, the health care system, the preclinical sciences, and allied health. Worldwide coverage with an emphasis on English-language peer reviewed journals. Includes in-process records not yet added to Medline (EbscoHost), some out-of-scope citations, and some that precede the date a journal was selected for Medline indexing.

Service of the National Library of Medicine, includes citations for biomedical articles.

Sage Research Methods

A cross-disciplinary research methods tool.  It provides full access to SAGE books, journal articles, reference materials, and videos about research design, specific methods, conducting research, and writing about research results.  Along with many other titles, it includes the full-text of SAGE’s Little Green Books and Little Blue Books.

World Development Indicators

Includes annual economic, social, educational, environmental and health data from many of the World Bank's major statistical publications.

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