Spanish/Portuguese Literature

Core Resources

MLA International Bibliography 1926+

Provides citations to articles, books, book chapters, and dissertations on all aspects of modern literature, language, and linguistics.

Hispanic American Periodicals Index (HAPI) 1970+

Indexing of articles and other documents appearing in more than 500 key social science and humanities journals published throughout the world about Latin America, the Caribbean, and Hispanics/Latinos in the United States.

Handbook of Latin American Studies (HLAS) 1936+

Annotated bibliography and index to books, articles and a variety of other materials. Updated monthly.

Bases de Datos Bibliográficas del CSIC

Indexing of journals and conference papers published in Spain in a wide variety of disciplines in the humanities, social, life, and physical sciences. A subset of the database, ISOC-America Latina, indexes 20 Spanish journals dedicated to Latin American topics.

Latin American Women Writers

Contains full text of fiction, poetry, essays, and plays by women writers from Latin America, starting in the colonial period and moving through to the present.

Supplementary Resources

Basque Database

Information about Basque topics. Indexed formats include articles, books, chapters of edited books, dissertations, and other publications. Also includes Basque-related videos and DVDs, musical recordings, maps, and other media.

Caribbean Literature

Full text of fiction, poetry, essays, plays, and other materials by authors from the Caribbean archipelago.

CLASE. Citas Latinoamericanas en Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades

Bibliographic database of articles, essays, book reviews, and other documents indexed in approximately 1,500 social science and humanities serials published in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Columbia Granger's World of Poetry, The

Indexes poems in anthologies by title, first line, author, and subject, as well as providing the full text of thousands of poems.

Contemporary Authors (Literature Resource Center)

Provides full text of biographies, bibliographies, literary criticism, and other resources on authors of all categories and eras.

Contemporary Literary Criticism (Literature Resource Center)

Provides full text of biographies, bibliographies, literary criticism, and other resources on authors of all categories and eras.

EBSCO Academic Search Ultimate

Multi-disciplinary database providing abstract & indexing with select full text for many core scholarly journals as well as popular press periodicals

Enciclopedia Moderna

Comprehensive Spanish-language general encyclopedia, including the Merriam‑Webster's Spanish‑English Dictionary, an atlas, and timelines.

Essay and General Literature Index

Access to essays and articles published in collections, with emphasis on works in the humanities and social sciences.

Francis (International coverage of the Humanities and Social Sciences.)

Citations and abstracts to articles in multiple languages in the humanities and social sciences. Online version of Bulletin Signaletique, published by the Centre Nationale de la Recherche Scientifique (C.N.R.S.).

Humanities Source Ultimate

Encompasses all key fields of the humanities. Content includes feature articles, interviews, obituaries and original works of fiction, drama, poetry, and reviews.   

International Bibliography of Theatre & Dance with Full Text

Provides extensive full-text of articles, reviews, & other content from many leading, primarily English-language journals & magazines in theater, dance, & the performing arts (1995+). Also offers citations, abstracts, & some full text for articles, books, book chapters, & dissertations back to 1982, including the complete International Bibliography of Theatre (1982-99). Additional selective content dates back to 1929.

Jorge Luis Borges Collection Digital Archive

Contains a primary bibliography of Borges' works, and a bibliography of articles about his writings including many that appeared in unindexed national and provincial newspapers and journals. Provides bibliographic citations, selected full-text articles, biographical information, a chronology of major events, and an encyclopedia of topics related to Borges. Contents are based on the Jorge Luis Borges Collection and Documentation Center of the Fundacion San Telmo in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Latino Literature

Full text of prose, poetry, plays, and other materials by Latino writers. Many previously unpublished and rare materials are included.

Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts

Indexes journals covering all aspects of the study of languages, including phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, and semantics.

Literature Criticism Online

Covers authors and their works across regions, eras, and genres. Includes biographical and critical overviews, and many interviews of authors. Contains the full text of volumes in Children’s Literature Review, Classical & Medieval Literature Criticism, Contemporary Literary Criticism, Drama Criticism, Literature Criticism 1400-1800, Nineteenth-Century Literature Criticis, Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism, Shakespeare Criticism, Shakespearean Literature Criticism and Something About the Author Online.

Periodicals Archive Online

Index to millions of articles published in 4,547 periodicals in the humanities and social sciences. Includes the collections, British Periodicals and Periodicals Archive Online I-V, which provide searchable full-text and page images of hundreds of periodicals, primarily from the 19th century.

Project Muse

Full-text articles from more than 100 scholarly journals in history and the humanities, the social sciences, and the sciences

ProQuest Research Library

Abstracting, indexing, and select full text of many core scholarly journals, magazines and major newspapers for information on a broad range of subjects.

Red de Revistas Cientficas de America Latina y el Caribe, Espana y Portugal (RedALyC)

Searchable database providing full-text access to an expanding collection of Latin American and Iberian journals in the social sciences and the humanities.

Scribner Writers eBooks

Long, scholarly essays on prominent authors from antiquity to the late 20th century, focusing on their lives and the significance of their works, with bibliographies. Includes the content of African American Writers, American Writers, Ancient Writers, British Writers, European Writers, Latino and Latina Writers, plus other sets.

Short Story Index

Provides citations to short stories written in or translated into English published in short story collections as well as periodicals indexed by the Reader's Guide and the Humanities Index.


SUR (Buenos Aires, 1931-1992), literary journal founded by Victoria Ocampo.

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