Circulation and Inventory Management Services

Firestone Library Circulation Services

Joan Martine, Head. Contact: 609.258.3244, jmartine@Princeton.EDU.
Angela Knox, Evening/Weekend Circulation Supervisor. Contact: 609.258.3202, aknox@Princeton.EDU
Circulation staff. Contact: 609.258.3202, fstcirc@Princeton.EDU.
Marie Wange-Connelly, Circulation and Inventory Management Services Head. Contact: 609.258.3209, wange@Princeton.EDU

The Firestone Library Circulation Services unit is responsible for the basic circulation services in the Firestone Library.

The mission of the Circulation Services unit is to provide for the greatest possible use of library material, while ensuring the collection's security and adherence to equitable policies in serving all library patrons. Firestone Library materials are loaned to university faculty, staff, and students, and to borrowers that have registered appropriately with the Library. The library patron is the focus of the mission and excellent service is the goal of all Circulation Services Division activities.

The Circulation Services unit is responsible for circulation of the general Firestone Library material, maintenance of patron records, conducting searches for lost or missing items, and serving as the liaison between the library patron and other departments such as the Library Annexes, Interlibrary Loan, and Borrow Direct. This unit also provides basic directional information to library patrons.

Circulation Services Documentation:
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