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Uniform Titles

All Biblical headings in the NAF are based on the Authorized Version. According to AACR2 25.18.A3 the "brief citation form of the Authorized Version" should be used. First, use the heading Bible, followed by one of the main sections of the Bible (O.T. or N.T.). Next follows the name of the specific relevant book. See the tables in the last section of this document for full lists of the books of the Bible. Each of these sections is preceded by ‡p. If, as is the case with several books (e.g. I-II Timothy), there are multiple headings with the same name in sequential order, follow the name of the specific book by a comma and the relevant ordinal numeral in English: e.g.,
Bible.‡pN.T.‡pTimothy, 1st
Bible.‡pN.T.‡pTimothy, 2nd.

To extend a uniform title to apply to a specific chapter of a Biblical book, add the number of the chapter in Roman numeral(s); and add the number(s) of specific verses in Arabic numeral(s).
Bible.‡pO.T.‡pGenesis XXVIII, 10-XXXII, 3
Bible.‡pO.T.‡pKings, 1st, XXI
Bible.‡pN.T.‡pThessalonians, 2nd, II, 1-12

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