Adding Bookset Volumes: "v." to "v. in"
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Adding Volumes

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Verifying description

Adjusting description
  020 (ISBN)
  Responsibility & entry
  250 (edition)
  260 (publishing info.)
  300 (collation)
  4xx/8xx (series)
  500/504 (notes)
  Adding to 505 note
  6xx/7xx (subj./a.e.)

Supplements, indexes & accompanying mat.

Issued out of order

Superseded volumes

Various editions

300 (collation)
"v." to "v. in"
Convert "v." to "v. in" if adding a volume which in turn is divided into more than one physical part.

300 5 v. in 3

Size varies

If the size of the volume being added differs from the size described in ác adjust ác to reflect the range of sizes in the set.

Vol. 1 = 25 cm.
Vol. 2 = 28 cm.
300 v. :ábill. ;ác25-28 cm.