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Verifying description

Adjusting description
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  Responsibility & entry
  250 (edition)
  260 (publishing info.)
  300 (collation)
  4xx/8xx (series)
  500/504 (notes)
  Adding to 505 note
  6xx/7xx (subj./a.e.)

Supplements, indexes & accompanying mat.

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Superseded volumes

Various editions

Adding to 505 (contents) notes
NOTE 1: In general, do not make added entries for editors of individual volumes noted in the 505 field.

Adjust the 505 field to include the individual volume titles (and authors/editors if necessary) of the volumes being added. Follow the established pattern when adding to a 505 note.

Example 1:

505 1 v. 1. The Americas -- v. 2. Eurasia
-AV is vol. 3: Oceania.
Change contents note to:
505 1 v. 1.The Americas --v. 2.Eurasia --v. 3.Oceania (4 v.)
[v. 3 is in 4 volumes]
-300 field would also need to be adjusted from "v." to "v. in".

Example 2 (Variant editors):

505 1 pt. A. The classical era -- pt. C. The Renaissance / edited by T. Jackson.
-AV is pt. B: The dark ages , edited by R. Jones, K. Thomas, G. Dawson, and O. Lee.
Change contents note to:
505 1 pt. A.The classical era --pt. B.The dark ages /ed. by R. Jones ... [et al.] --pt. C.The Renaisance /ed. by T. Jackson.
(Added entry will be necessary for R. Jones)

Example 3 (No separate title for AV):

505 1 v. 1. Descriptive survey -- v. 3. Township maps.
-AV is vol. 2, but does not have a separate monographic title.
-Add to 505 as:
505 1 v. 1.Descriptive survey --v. 2. [without special title] -- v. 3.Township maps.

Example 4 (Same title on more than one AV):

505 1 v. 1. Wildlife -- v. 2. Fisheries.
-AV is vol. 3: Fisheries [continued]
-Adjust 505 to:
505 1 v. 1.Wildlife --v. 2-3.Fisheries

Example 5 (Non-consecutive part titles)

505 1 v. 1. Coins from the reign of Henry VIII -- v. 2. Coins from the reign of Elizabeth I ( v.)
-- v. 3. Coins from the reign of James VI
-AV is vol. 4: Coins from the reign of Elizabeth I, part 2.

Item records:

-Adjust 505 as follows
505 1 v. 1.Coins from the reign of Henry VIII --v. 2.Coins from the reign
 of Elizabeth I,pt. 1 -- v. 3.Coins from the reign of James VI --
  v. 4.Coins from the reign of Elizabeth I,pt. 2

-Adjust second item record to:
-Add current AV as:
-MFHD should read:
866 _0 a Vol. 1-v. 4 (published in 1994)

Example 6 (Multipart volume with same title)

505 1 v. 1.Masks from New Guinea (3 v.)