Adding Bookset Volumes: Suppls., Indexes, etc.
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Adding Volumes

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Verifying description

Adjusting description
  020 (ISBN)
  Responsibility & entry
  250 (edition)
  260 (publishing info.)
  300 (collation)
  4xx/8xx (series)
  500/504 (notes)
  Adding to 505 note
  6xx/7xx (subj./a.e.)

Supplements, indexes & accompanying mat.

Issued out of order

Superseded volumes

Various editions

Supplements, indexes and accompanying material

Supplements, indexes and accompanying material may be cataloged separately or added to the bookset record. A case-by-case evaluation is necessary to determine which treatment is the most appropriate one to follow. Consult with the Team Leader about any ambiguous material. When adding to the set record, use one of the following techniques:

Add to collation as accompanying material:

300 5 v. :ábill. ;ác32 cm. + 1 atlas (135 p. ; 32 cm.)
300 v. ;ác28 cm. + index

Describe briefly in a note:

500 Set includes booklet: New mathematics guide. 16 p.
500 Schluss-betrachtung / Walter Schwarz (28 p.) inserted.

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