Adding Bookset Volumes: Various Editions
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Adding Volumes

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Various editions

Various Editions
In general, Princeton follows RI 2.2 which states that in general, separate bibliographic records are made for each group of volumes that bear the same edition. It also states that exceptionally, one bibliographic record is made for volumes bearing different edition statements. If this is done:

1. In the edition area, transcribe the edition statement of the first (or earliest) volume.

2. Specify in a note the various edition statements on the bibliographic record for the set. In complex situations, make only a general note:

500 Vol. 3: 2nd ed.
500 Includes various editions of some vols.
500 Kept up do date by replacement editions.

A set originally covered by one record may eventually come to include more than one edition of one or more volumes. This may then require a change either in the edition area or the addition of a specific note. When this occurs, replace the specific note as necessary and use the general note:

500 Includes various editions of some vols.

NOTE: If the bookset requires a contents note and you are adding volumes of different editions, include within parentheses the edition statements and dates of publication, distribution, etc., after the title (or title and statement of responsibility). In addition, when updating the holdings and adding the item record, a volume of any edition other than the first should have the edition statement and publication date added in parentheses after the numbering.

The call number in the book should include the edition statement and date after the volume numbering in parentheses.

EXAMPLE 1 (one copy of each volume, multiple editions):

Adding volume 2, 2nd ed. , published in 1989

MFHD: 866 _0 a Vol. 1 -v. 2 (published in 1989)
Item records:

  • vol.1
  • vol.2 (2nd ed.:1989)

    505 1_ v. 1. History of Spain --v. 2. History of England (2nd ed., 1989)

    Adding in volume:

    vol. 2 (2nd ed.:1989)

    EXAMPLE 2 (more than one copy of each volume, multiple editions):

    Adding 2nd volume 13 which is the 2nd edition, published in 1994:

    MFHD: 866 _0 a Vol. 1-v. 13 (published in 1994)
    Item records:
    vol.13 (2nd ed.:1994)

    505 1_ v. 12. 1912-1913 -- v. 13. 1914-1915 (original ed. and 2nd ed., 1994)

    Adding in volume:

    vol. 13 (2nd ed.:1994)

    NOTE: If you have determined that the bookset is complete with the volume which you are adding, see: Closing booksets