Adding Bookset Volumes: Verification
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Adding Volumes

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Verifying description

Adjusting description
  020 (ISBN)
  Responsibility & entry
  250 (edition)
  260 (publishing info.)
  300 (collation)
  4xx/8xx (series)
  500/504 (notes)
  Adding to 505 note
  6xx/7xx (subj./a.e.)

Supplements, indexes & accompanying mat.

Issued out of order

Superseded volumes

Various editions

Verifying the description
New volumes for adding should be carefully compared with the established catalog record.

NOTE: The title and/or main entry may have to be changed when considering the entire set. (see the section on Responsibility and entry that follows)

  • Note variations in the catalog record vs. volume(s) to be added, especially the following:

-fixed fields (e.g. for ill., Festschrift, bibliographies, etc.)

  • Check for notes and other indicators in the record which might clarify or resolve discrepancies encountered, e.g.,

500 Some vols. also have special titles.
500 At head of title: ...
500 Vol. 6- has subtitle: ...
500 Title on volume 2: ...
500 Editors vary.
500 Editions vary (Various editions, Variorum ed., etc.)
500 Publisher varies.
500 Vols. 12- published by ...
500 Imprint varies.
740 Title added entries (for changes of title, etc.)

  • Discrepancies relative to edition and imprint may mean that the volume in hand is a different edition than that described by the catalog record. If notes in the record do not resolve such discrepancies, please consult with the Team Leader to determine the cataloging treatment. When adding a note indicating a change in place of publication, remember to change the fixed field.