Latin American Telephone Books
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Latin American telephone books
P. Johnson orders the Latin American telephone books from dealer catalogs. Each one is ordered directly. He specifies the phone books that add to the collection-level records:
    880476 for Mexico and Central America
    884018 for South America
    888411 for Brazil
    1038275 for multi-country fax

This information appears on the receipt record.

Maintenance of the collection and of the records is done by DBMS.
Order Division will forward volumes on receipt to DBMS for adding (this is specified on the order records).
DBMS staff will also withdraw superseded volumes and return them to P. Johnson's assistant F. Fonseca (RCD)

Volumes are to be bound in plastic cover-ups and the country's name is put on the spine.

Info. from: M. Langer, S. Tonn, P. Johnson (11/8/95) rev. 3/1/96