LC CIP: Fixed Fields
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Fixed fields

Leader: CIP records have "8" in the encoding level box. Change it to a blank.

008: Click on the 008 button to check the following fixed fields:

  • Date1: Check date with publication date on book and correct it if necessary. (The date on CIP is often off by 1 year.)
  • Place of publication: This should match the country (or state) for the first place of publication in the 260 field. If you have to change the 260 field because it is does not match the book, change this code to correspond with the new place.
  • Illustrations: Each type of illustration listed in the 300 |b should have a code in a separate line in the 008. If you add or alter an existing 300 |b, remember to adjust the 008 codes.
    • ill. = a
    • maps = b
    • ports. = c
  • Contents: Indicate the presence of a bibliography or bibliographical references with "b".
  • Index: Correct this value if adding or deleting an index note.
    • 1= index in book
    • 0=no index in book