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CAS (Catalog separately, class as set)
CAS treatment will normally apply to series that otherwise would have required handling as analyzed booksets or serials. It may also be applied (on a limited basis) to items in monographic series that are judged to be more useful if kept together on the shelves.

CAS decisions are usually made by team leaders and are prompted by "series-or-bookset?" questions from Order Division. If the decision is made to treat a series as a CAS, Order Division should be instructed to forward the first volume(s) to the appropriate cataloger for priority cataloging.

Once the decision has been made to treat a monographic series as a CAS, the cataloger will:

  1. Determine the class number most appropriate for the series.
  2. Create a series authority record in Voyager, including all data normally supplied plus an 090 field for the call number. Include the adding designator followed by the location (if other than F) in parentheses.
      090 _ _ |a PS3509.L43 1988 vol. (SE)
  3. Catalog each bibliographic unit in hand as a separate work, and assign each its appropriate subject headings.
  4. Record the established class number plus the appropriate series volume designation in each volume.
Note the following points in particular:
  • The number recorded in the 852 field must include the volume designation and the volume number (usually with no intervening space).
  • No item record enum field is to be supplied unless an individual title within the series consists of multiple parts (see Booksets within a CAS).

    Sample call number field:

    852 0_ b f h PF3625 i .D82 1980 vol.1
Note on Variant Editions of a CAS
If a variant edition (e.g. revised, 2nd ed., etc.) of a CAS is received, the general policy is to keep its status as a CAS.

  • Add a note to the online series authority card (if not already present): Includes variant editions; add edition statement and date to volume numbering on catalog record and in book.

    852 0_ b f h HX601 i .F763 vol.11 (rev. ed.: 1992)

    Call number as recorded in book:

    vol. 11
    (rev. ed.: 1992)

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