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Special classification/location decision required

LOC Adjustments ("F") Books | LOC Adjustments ("SA") Books

Class / Category: ML410-ML429
Subject: Composers/Musicians
Action: use no. in authority 035 field; otherwise refer to Brian

Class / Category: PJ3000-PJ8518
Subject: Semitic lang./literature
Action: Refer to Team Leader

Class / Category: PK6201-PK6599
Subject: Persian-Afghan lang./lit.
Action: Refer to Team Leader

Class / Category: 050: LAW
Subject: Law
Action: Refer to WLCT

Subject: Any book for which the location symbol ends in x (rare book)
Action: Refer to Team Leader

Subject: Any book for which there is reason to suspect it is destined for the wrong location (e.g. 2nd ed. of a book for F when the 1st ed. is in DR)
Action: Refer to Team Leader

Subject: Any manuscript or photo- or microreproduction of a manuscript except those prepared as original microform editions
Action: Refer to Team Leader

LOC Adjustments ("F") Books

    DE1-DE98 = Clas
    DF10-DF289 = Clas
    DG11-DG365 = Clas
    GV1580-GV1799 = MUS
    KJA = Clas
    M-MT = MUS
    P501-1091 = Clas

    PA1-PA899 = Clas
    PA2001-PA4505 = Clas
    PA6000-PA7041 = Clas

    PK1-PK976 = Clas
    PK2901-PK4485 = Clas
    PK6001-PK6135 = Clas
    PL501-PL3208 = Gest
    Q-T (in Cyrillic alphabet) = Recap
    T-TP = ST

    R126 = Clas
    R127.A-Z (not .1, .2, etc.) = Clas
    R138 = Clas

NOTE: Indo and Mycen are no longer valid locations. Those call number ranges are now assigned to Clas. In addition, JX and JZ now go to F.

LOC Adjustments ("SA") Books