Print vs. Computer File
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Print and Computer File Relations
This document is intended to be a record of decisions and cataloging help for those cataloging computer files that have a relationship to a print equivalent.
An Accompanying Computer File that is Equivalent to its Print Counterpart

It sometimes occurs that a printed volume (often a reference work) includes a CD-ROM that accompanies and often comprises the entire printed volume or volumes. In such a case, the computer file will be included as accompanying material with the print volume and the appropriate note added. One check in record will be made, noting the presence of accompanying material.

Notes About Online Versions in Print Titles
When cataloging a new print title that includes information about online access, check the online version. If the online version has free access and is essentially the same as the print version; add a 530 note and add a 856 field to the record for the print version. Do not catalog the online version unless specifically requested to by a selector. If neither of the above conditions apply, do not add the note and 856 field.