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Name/Title authority records
To further support our BIBCO participation, Princeton catalogers may NACO selected name/title headings. Records will be created on OCLC and turned in to the review basket.

What name/titles to NACO:

Princeton catalogers are encouraged to create name/title records for translations, for collected and selected works, and for individual works of art. If you wish to NACO any other name/title, please consult the Authorities Coordinator. (Please do NOT submit music, laws, or pre-1500 titles.)

How to NACO a name/title:

Name/title authority records are NACOed the same as any other headings with these few exceptions/special points:

  • The OCLC fixed field "Name" should reflect the subfield a portion of the heading--if the heading is a personal name/title, the code will be "a".
  • Author and uniform title usually do not have to be justified in the 670. The 670 more often justifies only the reference.
  • Not every portion of the title has to have a supporting authority record of its own.

      The name portion of a name/title must always have its own authority record, but not all of the elements of the uniform title need their own authority record. An element (main title, language, part, etc.) only needs its own authority record if that particular element meets one of these criteria:
      • a reference must be traced on the authority record
      • special research or information must be recorded
      • the heading is needed for a related work added entry (continuation, supplement, index, concordance, etc.--see 21.28A1) or a subject heading, and no bibliographic record for the work itself exists in the LC database
      (Often this means that translations need an authority record for the name portion, and another record for the name, subfield t and subfield l, but NO record for the name and subfield t.)
Relevant rules for NACOing name/titles:

RI25.3A and RI25.4A --for named individual works of art
RI25.8 and RI25.9 -- for Works and Selections
RI25.10 -- for works in a single form

Updates to existing name/title authority records:

Modifying existing name/title authority records to add additional references is optional.

When to pcc a record with name/title entries