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Name/Title authority records: examples

    100 1_ Mann, Thomas,‡d1875-1955.‡tZauberberg.‡lEnglish
    400 1_ Mann, Thomas,‡d1875-1955.‡tMagic mountain
    670 __ The magic mountain, 1998.

    100 1_ Keneally, Thomas.‡tSchindler's list.‡Italian
    400 1_ Keneally, Thomas.‡tLista di Schindler
    670 __ La lista di Schindler, 1997.

    NOTE: This is a case where the subfield t portion of the title does need its own authority record because a reference must be traced on that record.

      100 1_ Keneally, Thomas.‡tSchindler's list
      400 1_ Keneally, Thomas.‡tSchindler's ark
      670 __ His Schindler's ark, c1982, 1983 printing.


    100 1_ Arnim, Ludwig Achim,‡cFreiherr von,‡d1781-1831.‡tWorks.‡f2000
    400 1_ Arnim, Ludwig Achim,‡cFreiherr von,‡d1781-1831.‡tWerke und Briefwechsel.‡f2000
    670 __ His Werke und Briefwechsel, 2000-

    100 1_ Wilson, Fred.‡tSelections.‡f1995
    400 1_ Wilson, Fred.‡tBy-line, Fred Wilson.‡f1995
    670 __ By-line, Fred Wilson, 1995.
    (contains selected correspondence, short stories and poems)


    100 1_ Hemingway, Ernest,‡d1899-1961.‡tShort stories.‡kSelections
    400 1_ Hemingway, Ernest,‡d1899-1961.‡tShort stories of Ernest Hemingway
    670 __ The short stories of Ernest Hemingway, 1996.

    NOTE: If the work had presented itself as a collection of the complete short stories, "Selections" need not be added even if the cataloger suspects that not all short stories are included. Special research is not required.

    100 1_ Fitzgerald, F. Scott‡q(Francis Scott),‡d1896-1940.‡tShort stories.‡Selections
    400 1_ Fitzgerald, F. Scott‡q(Francis Scott),‡d1896-1940.‡tStories of F. Scott Fitzgerald
    400 1_ Fitzgerald, F. Scott‡q(Francis Scott),‡d1896-1940.‡tShort stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald
    670 __ The stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald, 1896.
    670 __ The short stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald, 1989.

    NOTE: A reference rather than a new authority record is created for a variant title which generates the same form as an existing name/title heading.

Individual work of art:

    100 1_ Titian,‡dca. 1488-1576.‡tVenus and Adonis
    400 1_ Titian,‡dca. 1488-1576.‡tVenere e Adone
    670 __ La Via, S. Il lamento di Venere abbandonata, c1994:‡bcover p. 4 (Venere e Adone)
    670 __ World painting index‡b(Venus and Adonis)

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