Cataloging Instructions for Collection Level Cataloging
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Cataloging instructions

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Cataloging Instructions
Leader: encoding level 7
Leader: bibliographic level c
008: place of publication (vp may be used for "various places")

245 Construct a title in English to describe the collection as a whole and give it in brackets.
    [Crispi collection]
    [Egyptian pamphlets]
    [Modern Arabic poetry, Egypt, 1]
    [Modern Arabic poetry, Egypt, 2]

260 Generally the 260 will contain only a ác with a single, open, or inclusive dates for the collection.

Avoid open collections whenever possible--follow instead LC's technique of creating sequentially numbered collections (see last 2 examples under 245).

300 Extent of the item is always given.
    12 pamphlets
    95 v.
    36 pamphlets
    ca. 1000 pieces

Put binding, etc. information in a note (In 4 cases; Bound in 3 v.)

Illustrations and size are optional.

Ill. is generally given only if they are significant to the collection, and if size is given, a range may be used. Always give size if the collection is oversize.

500 When a collection is accompanied by a listing of titles a note should be given to that effect.
    Accompanied by a guide.

505 A formal contents note should be given (within reason).

If the collection is too large for a contents note, a separate listing of the entire collection may be placed with the item, in DR,or other appropriate locations and a note given to that effect. Consult the selector before following this option..

Contents notes in the bibliographic record are preferable, since they allow keyword access in the online catalog.

  • If a complete listing of works in a 505 is undesirable, consider a partial list, or abbreviated information to allow online access.

Subjects and added entries are given for the collection as a whole (or as per selector direction).

Call number Assign call number for the collection as a whole. Do not add a date to the call number.

Item record Record the number of pieces in each box in the pieces field of the item record. Do not count the box itself.