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Use of "v." and "vol." as Abbreviations for "volume"
  • Series designators always use "v." regardless of what appears on the item.

  • Always use "v." in the 300 field. In addition, always use "v." in the 4xx and 5xx fields, except at the beginning of a statement and before roman numerals (in the rare cases in which they are transcribed as such).

  • Note that the beginning of 505 notes is "Contents:" (a print constant), so that "v." is appropriate.

  • In the 362 field and the MFHD summary holdings note, use "vol." at the beginning of the holdings statement, and "v." everywhere else. (e.g., Vol. 1-v. 10)

    See also: Booksets Holdings for more examples of summary holding notes.

  • In the volume, and in the item record enum/chron use "vol." when it appears at the beginning, and "v." when it does not. (e.g., vol. 8; New ser., v. 17; 1989, v. 2)