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Policy on cataloging printouts of web documents

Catalog Division will catalog printouts of web documents officially selected for addition to the collection provided that neither of the following conditions apply:

If a printed version of the web resource is for sale, we will not catalog a printout. (An exception is in cases where we have a subscription for the print version and print out a missing issue rather than claiming it.)

If the web resource specifically states that it is not to be printed or copied, we will not catalog a printout unless permission is sought from the issuer.

Ongoing web publications

  • If have a subscription (paid, free or exchange) to a print version of a serial, we will add a printout of a missing issue to complete the run, if the issue is covered by the subscription.

  • We will catalog the electronic version of any officially-selected ongoing web publication.

    If a selector wants to print an ongoing web publication, Catalog Unit 4 should be consulted prior to printing.
To request cataloging for a printout:

Please supply the initials of the selector who is responsible for the cataloging request, the URL of the resource online, the date of printing, and any related documentation of potential use (e.g., an e-mail giving permission to reproduce the document)