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The policy of cataloging print and electronic titles separately was endorsed by LISSC and accepted in principle by DiRAG at its meeting of 6/3/03. This policy is not being routinely followed until some difficulties relating to ordering/payment are resolved. In the meantime, for those titles which are cataloged separately, we submit an adjunct to this policy which further clarifies cataloging practice with respect to describing the appropriate cataloging relationship between the record for an electronic resource and records for any related print works.

The principles of sound cataloging practice, which exist to ensure consistency of resource description and the concomitant predictability for the user in how the catalog functions as an access tool, dictate that the URL for a specific electronic resource be regarded as an integral part of the description for that resource and not as an implied related work linking device. Thus, direct electronic links in the form of embedded URLs will only be made between an electronic resource and the catalog record which explicitly describes it. Where possible, related print versions cataloged separately will be connected to the catalog record for the electronic resource using Voyager's bib linking feature. If bib linking is not feasible, as in cases where required standard numbers or other descriptive data are not available to allow a unique relationship to be established between the source and target records, the related print and electronic records in question will be linked with appropriate notes and/or related work (7xx) linking fields.