Microforms: Post-Cataloging Procedures
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Examples of Complete 533 Notes and ‡7
  1. Microfilm thesis reproduced by UMI in 1988:

    533   Microfilm. ‡bAnn Arbor, Mich. : ‡cUniversity Microfilms International, ‡d1988. ‡e1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm. ‡7s1988    miun a

  2. Microfiche reproduction of a worn book from the PUL collection made by Princeton in 1989:

    533 Microfiche. ‡b[Princeton, N.J. ] : ‡cPrinceton University Library, ‡d1989. ‡e26 microfiches : negative ; 11 x 15 cm. Low reduction. ‡7s1989    njun b

  3. Microfilm reproduction of a previously published archive made by LC in 1988:

    533 Microfilm. ‡bWashington, D.C. : ‡cLibrary of Congress, Photoduplication Service,‡d1988. ‡e5 microfilm reels : negative ; 35mm. Ultra high reduction, 150X. ‡7s1988    dcun a

  4. Photocopy of a thesis reproduced by Rutgers in 1994.

    533 Photocopy. ‡b[New Brunswick, N.J.] : ‡cRutgers University, ‡d1994. ‡e24 cm. ‡7s1994    njun r

    Examples of Subfield 7

    • Photocopy made in 1990 in Michigan of a book published in France in 1901.
        CP:fr PC:s PD:1901/ REP:r

        (On Screen: ‡7s1990 miun r)

    • Microfilm made in 1991 in Pennsylvania of a multipart monograph published in Tunisia, 1888-1905.
        CP:ti PC:m PD:1885/1905 REP:a

        (On Screen: ‡7s1991 pauun a)

    • Microfiche issued 1990- (frequency not known) in France of a regular monthly serial published in Jamaica, 1957-1988.
        CP:jm PC:d PD:1957/1988 FRQ:m REG:r REP:b

        (On Screen: ‡7c19571988fr uub)