Microform Editions
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Microform editions

Consider a microform to be a new edition of the work it represents if the following apply:

  • It contains a collection of materials not previously gathered together for publication, for example, an individual's archives, or primary sources on a historical topic such as civil rights.

  • It is issued by a commercial publisher ("on-demand" type publishers like UMI are not considered commercial publishers in this context)
    It is issued by a non-commercial publisher (such as the photographic services dept. of a research library or UMI) and it contains an explicit indication that it constitutes a microform edition. This indication need not be formally presented. It may, for example, be a thesis published in microform by the university where it was written.

  • Microform editions are often large sets of film or fiche, and are frequently divided into separate bibliographic parts. They may be published over an extended period of time.

Microform editions will typically be titles new to the PUL collections and therefore will be forwarded to Catalog Division for new cataloging.

If a microform edition is acquired as an added copy or replacement for an established title, it is processed by Cat. Unit 5 as an added or replacement copy, whichever applies.

See also: Cataloging Instructions for Microform Editions