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Music Cataloging

Assigning Accession Numbers to Recordings of
Folk or Non-Western Art Music

See also: Countries List for Folk and non-Western Art Music Recordings

Recordings of folk or non-Western art music are classified separately from the general MLIS recordings collection.

An additional prefix derived from Murdock's Outline of World Cultures ((Film B) GN345.3.M87 1983) is interposed between the prefix representing format (LS, CD, VCASS, etc.) and the accession number proper.

This prefix consists of the letter W followed by the appropriate two letters from Murdock which designate the country or people covered (Murdock's additional numbers are not used).


CD-WAB-1 Gagaku : Japanese court music (Music--Japan)

LS-WEC-2 Hungarian folk music. Series 3 (Folk music--Hungary)

CASS-WFO-2 Papa Wemba : Papa Wemba (Popular music--Zaire)

Anthologies of folk music from a larger geographical area, as well as recordings of popular music, jazz and folk music of the United States other than Native American / American Indian music, are assigned to the regular range.

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