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Accompanying material

General policy

CD-ROMs, sound discs, computer disks

Audio & video cassettes



Serials with accomp. materials

Catalog record

Item record

Recording accompanying material in the catalog record
When cataloging accompanying material in another format, use the options of 1.5E in this order of preference:
  1. Record the name of the accompanying material following "+" in subfield e of the 300 field (1.5E1d)

    300 212 p. : ‡bill. ; ‡c 25 cm. + ‡e1 computer disk (3 1/2 in.)

    • A system requirement note should be added if the information is readily available.
    300 185 p. : ‡bill. ; ‡c 25 cm. + ‡e1 computer optical disc (4 3/4 in.)
    Changed from computer laser optical disc [April, 1999]
    • A system requirement note should be added if the information is readily available.
    300 iv, 299 p. :‡bill. ;‡c19 cm. +‡e2 microfiches.
    300 285 p. :‡bill. ;‡c 27 cm. + ‡e1 sound disc (56 min. : digital, stereo. ; 4 3/4 in.)
    300 257 p. :‡bill. ;‡29 cm. + ‡e1 sound disc (25 min. : analog, 33 1/3 rpm, mono. ; 12 in.)
    300 x, 228 p. :‡bill., ports. ;‡c28 cm. +‡e1 cassette (analog)

  2. Record the details of the accompanying material in a 500 note (1.5E1c).
    Use this when more detail is needed or when the accompanying material relates to one item of a bookset or serial (1.5E1c).

    500 Accompanied by cassette with title: Sounds of spring in the desert.
    500 Vol. 9 accompanied by computer disk.
    500 Issue for Sept. 1987 accompanied by 8 transparencies. [serial]

  3. Make a separate catalog record.
    Use this option when the items are issued separately or in the rare instances when a full record for the accompanying material is required.
    Relate the records using an informal 500 note (or a 590 note if the items were not issued separately) and make related work added entries as necessary.
    Please consult team leader before using this option.