Princeton Policy: 505 field
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Formal contents notes

If a 505 field contains *distinctive* titles, supply additional subfield coding to provide access to the individual titles. Follow the MARC coding guidelines for the 505 with one exception: omit articles at the beginning of the title. When the 505 is enhanced with additional subfield coding, the second indicator should be "0".


505 0# $a pt. 1. Carbon -- pt. 2. Nitrogen -- pt. 3. Sulphur -- pt. 4. Metals.
(no additional subfield coding provided because titles are not sufficiently distinctive; second indicator is blank)

505 00 $g vol. 1. $t History of Anne Arundel County -- $g vol. 2. $t History of Prince Georges County.

505 00 $t Quark models /$r J. Rosner -- $t Introduction to gauge theories of the strong, weak, and electromagnetic interactions / $r C. Quigg -- $t Deep inelastic leptognnucleon scattering /$r D.H. Perkins -- $t Jet phenomena / $r M. Jacob -- $t Accelerator design study / $r R.R. Wilson -- $t Lectures in accelerator theory / $r M. Month.