Princeton Policy: Annexing
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Annexing Policy
Policy of January 16, 1992
Revised October 8, 1992
Revised July 29, 1993

  • Department Heads establish the priorities of annexing request both in their own Deparments, and in consultation with each other. Likewise, Department Heads also approve requests for transfer of items out of the Annexes. Use the following forms. [You must have Adobe Acrobat installed]

  • Duplicate copies of serial titles may not be housed in the Annexes (considered collectively as a single unit). a serial title which is held in any other campus library is not a candidate for transfer to the Annexes. Furthermore, serial runs currently located in the Annexes which duplicate titles held elsewhere in the library system will not be retained. Collection managers are always at liberty to compose a more complete serial run from the holdings of several libraries, retaining those volumes in the best condition, and locate such a title in either Annex. Exceptions to this policy will be considered when the format of the copies in question is different (e.g., microform and print), or when other special circumstances apply, such as the duplicate copy being a rare item.

    Duplicate copies of monographs are candidates for transfer to the Annexes. However, no more than one copy of any given title may be located in the Annexes.

  • Council affirmed the concept of the Annexes as a distinct location, as opposed to a remote extension of each of the various individual special collections. It was recognized that individual special collection policies, such as those governing circulation of materials, no longer apply to such materials once they are transferred to the Annexes.

  • Locally created and controlled collections, including any item or group of materials which are uncataloged, will not be accepted for storage in the Annex. The Annexes must no longer be thought of as warehouses, but as a circulating collection of little-used materials, or materials located there for their protection.

  • Council has endorsed the concept of choosing Annex as the holding location at the point of selection, where feasible and appropriate, recognizing that annexing transfer decisions, and the resultant technical processing, require a significant time investment for the library.

from: Attachment to: Library Council Summary, July 29, 1993