Princeton Policy: Cataloging priorities
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Cataloging Priorities
Top Priority for Serials Cataloging
Catalog Division policy is for serials on current standing orders to be cataloged as top priority. In practice, what this means is that catalogers will make every effort to complete cataloging within a week after serials are sorted to the teams.

  • Cataloging or processing problems should be referred to your Team Lader as soon as they are identified.

  • Authorities problems should not delay cataloging either: if consultation with a member of the Authorities Committee cannot resolve the problem quickly, complete the 670/675 fields and attach photocopies as necessary. Forms of headings can be adjusted, or headings can be added later if need be.

It is very important that we create records for serials and send the pieces on in a timely fashion.

Only the most intractable problem should result in serials being kept in cataloging for more than one week, and no serial should stay in cataloging for more than a month for any reason.

Top priority is applied only to serials for which there are current standing orders; single order items or retrospective acquisions may receive a lower priority.