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Referring Books to a Different Selector/Location
Cataloging staff sometimes refer books for a possible change in location (e.g., from F to SA). In such instances be sure to get the approval of the selector whose fund paid for the item before initiating a location change. Do so in cases of MCS's as well as single orders.

N.B. Referral is not necessary in case of "automatic" location adjustments due to cataloging policy as listed in Special Classification / Location Decision Required.

Thus, for instance, do not notify selectors when assigning the location (PITN) to a book ordered for F that happens to fall into the appropriate classfication range for PITN.

Procedure (except for SA)
  1. Write name, date and suggested new location on a printout of the bib record.
  2. Charge items to "RCD Referral" and mail them, with the printout, to the department head, who will make the decision or refer the items to the appropriate selector.
  3. When items are returned, proceed according to the selector's decision. Be sure to re-charge items back to Cat. Div.

For SA: Do not follow the above procedure. Instead, write your initials on the accompanying printout. Put the item with the printout on the SA decision shelf.