Procedural Outline


Retrospective Conversion is the process of taking the information from a catalog card and converting it into a computerized format.
The procedure itself depends on whether there is copy, variant copy or no copy. If there is a choice of copy, the inputter must decide which record to use.
All personal name and corporate headings must agree with the forms found in the NAF.
Search the Electronic Card Catalog
for the main entry and note all the locations.
Search the:
Electronic Card Catalog

Pull the Shelflist cards for all locations.

Always be sure to check all of the Main Entry cards for any added locations.

Determining Locations

In RLIN cataloging, search for catalog copy.
If there is copy, print the BIB screen of the selected copy and continue.
If there is no copy, go to:
Recon Cataloging with No Copy
Choosing Copy

Recon Cataloging with Copy (der)

Recon Cataloging with No Copy (cre)


Always be sure to check the backs of the cards for additional holdings.

Post-Cataloging Procedures

Recon Name VerificationRecon of Analytics

Card Examples
Samples of the cards found in the
Card Catalog
Local Handwritten
Local Typewritten
Library of Congress
WET (European War Materials)

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