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Series Decisions
Some series which have locally-created authority records in our catalog will have a 667 field with a series decision which combines information about tracing, classification and analysis practice normally found in the fixed fields and 64x fields. These decisions are interpreted as follows:
    Numbered series:
      The series is traced and it has an adding element, that is, a number, or designator and number, associated with it (subfield v).

    Unnumbered series:

      The series is traced but it does not have an adding element.

    Not traced:

      The series is not traced. [This is equivalent to the SCL2 decision: series card not to be made]


      Classed as a set--a special category of numbered series in which each volume will be cataloged separately but all will receive the same call number so they will sit together on the shelf. Assign the call number indicated in the 090 field to the work in hand followed by the number of the piece in hand.

      For the call number, use the designator at the end of the call number in the 090 field. This may differ from the designator given in the 642 field--follow normal practice for designator use in the 4xx/8xx fields.

      Check to make sure that your item is to go to the same location as that in the 090/667 fields.

      If the book in hand is designated to go to a new location, consult a team leader.

    Give as a quoted note:

      The title in question is not regarded as a series. Record the title in a 500 note enclosed in quotation marks unless other instructions are given in a 667 note.

    Numbered series/sometimes unnumbered:

      The series is primarily numbered, but sometimes appears without numbering. (Replaced by the note "numbering varies")

    Unnumbered series/sometimes numbered:

      The series is primarily unnumbered but sometimes appears with numbering. (Replaced by the note "numbering varies")

    Series-like statement:

      The title in question is not regarded as a series. Ignore the title unless instructions are given in a 667 note.