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Princeton University Cataloging Documentation

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Report questions/problems and cataloging requests related to electronic resources to

Report other cataloging questions/problems and requests to

A ticket will be created in the OPM system making it easier for us to route your question to the correct person and follow-up in a timely manner.


Who should I contact when I need specific help with a question about ...

a cataloging request for a website or other electronic resource? esupport

a cataloging issue in a particular language? catalogn

a cataloging issue in a particular subject area or format? catalogn

an incorrect name or subject heading? catalogn

a typo or error in the catalog? catalogn

annexing or recapping? Holdings and Record Management Division

call number, location, and barcode changes or problems? Holdings and Record Management Division

serial holdings changes or problems? catalogn

a cataloging issue related to an electronic resource? esupport

a specific approval plan? see list below

Who is responsible for specific approval plans?

African & Latin American Linda Turzynski 8-1227
ATA Rex Hatfield 8-1373
Biegeleisen Rachel Simon 8-5167
BNA Carlos Santos 6-3207
Casalini Linda Turzynski 8-1227
Coutts / Canadian Coutts Linda Turzynski 8-1227
Daftar Rachel Simon 8-5167
Dar Mahjar Rachel Simon 8-5167
Erasmus Linda Turzynski 8-1227
Harrassowitz Linda Turzynski 8-1227
Iran Books Rachel Simon 8-5167
Isis Rachel Simon 8-5167
Jerusalem Books Rachel Simon 8-5167
Leila Rachel Simon 8-5167
Lexicon (Polish) Rex Hatfield 8-1373
Oionos Linda Turzynski 8-1227
Safi Alishah Rachel Simon 8-5167
Shamansky Linda Turzynski 8-1227
Suleiman Rachel Simon 8-5167
Touzot Linda Turzynski 8-1227
Worldwide Linda Turzynski 8-1227
Yankee Linda Turzynski 8-1227