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Title Information

mods:titleInfo [Required]

Local Practices and Interpretations

One transcribed or supplied title is mandatory. Additional titles are optional. Child elements should appear in the order in which they should be displayed.

Supported Descendant Elements and Attributes


Do not use the type attribute for the primary title (transcribed or supplied). Use the type attribute for all other titles. The value "translated" is only used for cataloger-supplied translations. For parallel titles in another language, use "alternative", and a lang attribute.


If the title is an alternative title, displayLabel attribute is required in order for the title to display, otherwise it will be indexed only. The value is variable, similar to MARC 246 ‡i, but terms from MARC 246 indicator 2, "Parallel title", or AACR2 terminology should be used whenever possible.


Use this element only when the title is an established uniform title. The value is always "naf".

@lang, @script, @xlink:role, @xlink:title

[Required if Applicable] See Linking Parallel Data in Alternate Scripts


Use for non-filing initial articles. See AACR2 Appendix E for a sample list.


Use for the title proper (minus the non-sorting article).


Use for other title information. This element is repeatable.

mods:partNumber and mods:partName

Both elements are repeatable; use in the order in which they should be displayed.

XML Examples

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Display Examples

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Content Standards

Other Sources of Documentation

MARC Mappings

130, 210, 222, 240, 242, 243, 245, 246, 247, [old 740]

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