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EDI Invoices

EDI Invoices Loaded Form (MS Word)

EDI Orders Procedure
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EDI Testing and Production Setup

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EDI invoices : Overview

Order Division EDI Processor (Details)

    Pick up files from vendors and puts on Voyager server in Incoming file, and loads invoices.

    Logs tracking information in the EDI log, Incoming files and Invoices tables

Receiving staff (Details - Firm Orders) (Details - Continuations)

    Check to see that invoice is in Voyager, be sure bill to and account are correct and that all lines are linked. For continuations, check that all lines have volume information.After receipt of all material, delivers invoice to appropriate spot in Invoice Unit 

Invoice unit staff (Details - Firm Orders ) (Details - Continuations)
    Remove any inappropriate punctuation from invoice number online and make any necessary updates to bring invoice to our standard format

    Check calculation and invoice total

Processing EDI subscription invoices and List of subcription EDI invoice vendors