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EDI Testing and Production Setup

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EDI testing and production setup

1. Testing

Janet and Carol will work together to test new EDI vendors/operations.  Carol will supply any necessary orders. Janet will contact the vendor and report back to Carol when the arrangements with the vendor are complete and testing is successful.

2. Setup

  • Vendor record – Carol . Includes ordering address with vendor envelope number, and all other functional addresses as in the normal print order vendor record.
  • EDI profile – Janet
  • Create vendor for EDI log Access database and put test (production ) file information in - Janet
  • Placing orders or finding someone to issue claims – Carol
  • Updating documentation with file naming conventions- Carol
  • Create folders for orders – Carol
  • Check for confirmations- Carol

3. Production

A vendor will be considered ready for production when the following  is complete: Vendor has received orders, loaded them into production database, and confirmation has been received in the correct fashion.

Carol will notify Katharine and Tom when a new vendor is ready for orders, or Heidi when a new vendor is ready for claims.