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General processing guidelines

Because we may already own the book for the designated location or another location, or have the book on order, each book must be fully searched in Voyager before being processed. Since orders may have been placed at a time when full and accurate information for the title in question was not available, it is necessary to use the guidelines of preorder searching when checking Voyager.

  • Search by title
  • Search by author

N.B. It is not sufficient to do an ISBN search. Pre-existing orders may not have an ISBN as part of the bibliographic record.

Specific processing guidelines

Coutts bills us in Canadian dollar US list price, gives us a discount, and supplies the selling price in US dollars. We pay the invoice in US dollars.

Because the currency in the approval order carries over as a unchangeable field into the invoice, the purchase order should carry the USD currency. The Canadian dollar price should be used on the line items. The total on the purchase order will not add up to the total on the print invoice. However, this method allows for the least possible editing of the invoice.

Watch for US or UK co-publications of Canadian editions that come on this plan. There may be some overlap with the Blackwell plans. We do not want multiple editions; if we have an American or British edition the Canadian edition should be returned. The bib record for the return must match the Canadian edition.

If you receive a volume 1 only of a new bookset with a limited number of volumes, assume that all volumes are wanted. Mark the slip and attach it to the front of the invoice to ensure that an order is placed.

ISBN searches in OCLC have the best hit rate for Canadian Coutts titles.

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