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Approval Plan Details - Daftar-e Nashr-e Ketab



Specific processing guidelines

No returns are made to Daftar-e. Therefore, no returns purchase order is necessary.

Duplicates must be clearly marked on both the print invoice and in the purchase order line item note as to which items are duplicates of previous Daftar-e shipments. We can only deduct titles that are duplicates of previous Daftar-e shipments. The duplicates themselves may be sent to dup sales.

Serials or booksets that can be added ("binds") should be added to the catalog record and should have a line created for them on the approval purchase order. If there is an old standing order for the title with Daftar, notify Continuations section to close the order.

True periodicals - that have and unbound location listed in the mfhd - will continue to be checked in on standing order. These should not be added as lines to the approval purchase order. Continuations section staff will check them in and annotate the invoice with the purchase order number.

All pages of the invoice should be kept together to hand in to Invoice Unit.

A letter must accompany the invoice listing deductions made to the invoice.


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