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Approval Plan Details - Harrassowitz Scores


General processing guidelines

Because we may already own the score for the designated location, or have the score on order, each item must be fully searched in Voyager before being processed. Since orders may have been placed at a time when full and accurate information for the title in question was not available, it is necessary to use the guidelines of preorder searching when checking Voyager.

  • Search by title
  • Search by author

N.B. It is not sufficient to do an ISBN search or 028 search. Pre-existing orders may not have these fields as part of the bibliographic record.

Specific processing guidelines

Harrassowitz supplies us with bibliographic files of the material they send on this approval plan. However, if the shipment is small the file will probably not be bulkloaded. If on doing your searching you find bibliographic records, be sure to check for the existence of an approval purchase order.

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