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General processing guidelines

Due to the high cost of shipping books outside of this country, our policy is not to make approval returns to vendors whose mailing address is outside of the US. This includes most, but not all, of our foreign approval plan vendors. A few vendors have returns addresses within the US and we will continue to make book returns to them.

Staff processing the books should be alert for any unreasonable number of rejected or duplicate books, so that the plan may be refined if necessary.


Staff who process the shipment will determine the reason for duplication and put that information in the line item note on the approval purchase order. They should contact the appropriate selector to determine if the second copy should be added to the collection, or sent to duplicate sales. (If you already have general instructions from the selector to that effect, you need not contact him or her again). Books marked as rejects should have their bibliographic records suppressed from the catalog, and a line item note in the purchase order "rejected by selector, sent to dup sales".

Books sent to duplicate sales should be put on the red duplicates truck in first floor Technical Services. It is not necessary to create a separate purchase order for these titles, and the invoice may be put in the Fully funded Invoice basket.

Duplicates may be deducted from the invoice provided that the original copy also was supplied on approval by the same dealer. Approval processing staff must mark the printed invoice clearly indicating any lines that should be deducted when the invoice is paid.

We will reorder books to replace any defective copies. Please contact the Approvals coordinator for assistance.

Invoice unit staff will send an email to the vendor listing any deductions by invoice.


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